Philosophy: As an architect, one cannot solve all the world problems, but we can design energy efficient cities, socially responsible buildings, and sustainable infrastructure solutions. Environmental-sensitive design is central to our work as much as it is to create memorable and uplifting places. Common to all the projects in diverse geographic locations is the design that is place-specific in nature. Whether it is a large urban infrastructure project, building commission or product design, we are passionate about delivering sustainable solutions that make the best of natural sources of energy and integrates the technologies towards improving the quality of life.

The design process continually strives for a simple outcome – how to create the most while using the least. With conservation prized over consumption, this approach transcends all aspects of a project: protecting the existing, using materials that are locally available, and have a longer life-cycle; programming flexible and multi-use spaces; emphasizing the pedestrian experience; designing lighter and optimal structures; integrating new technologies for better building efficiencies; and minimizing negative impacts on the environment by maximizing the use of natural energy sources – the sun, wind and rain.

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