Sustainable Design: Our projects, no matter what their scale or geographic location, are guided by the fundamental belief that “sustainability” is not a choice, it is a matter of survival. Ecologically-progressive solutions are not only affordable, but more economical in the long run, when designed to explicitly respond to the local climate, materials and building technologies. In other words, we view environmental response and economic viability as two sides of the same coin.

Central to this thesis underlies our spirit of inquiry, challenging preconceptions and testing conventions of ‘building’. The process of ‘green reinvention’ distinguishes all of our work – past and present - and provides purpose for our future.

Our prerogative is to craft projects that mostly, if not totally, thrive on free, predictable and clean energy sources - sun, wind and rain. The application of advanced technologies and innovate ways of using local materials is implicit in our designs and are a means to achieve energy independence. The integration of indigenous landscape and natural features with the built form are equally vital in determining the overall sustainability and unique character of a project.

For us, the best architecture, big or small, comes from a synthesis of all these design imperatives, and above all when they are expressed in their truest forms. This is our basic approach for creating one-of-a-kind solutions which are cost-effective and high-performing, and at the same time, inspire and lift the human spirit.