Our Work: We are engaged in a wide variety of projects of many scales that encompass individual buildings, urban centers, public infrastructure and city planning. Our work goes beyond ‘architecture’ in the conventional sense to include the design of the built environment in totality. We focus on the public environment - on transportation, streets, squares and parks, everyday places that are easily taken for granted, but whose design has a real impact on the way that we live.

Diversity in our work - both in terms of locational context as well as the project typology - is crucial to the intellectual and technical health of our practice. We aspire to work in different economies, cultures and climates, that lend the opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas, and inspire innovation and ingenious design solutions. Best practices of industrialized nations are as important to our work as the innovative, yet forgotten, local methods from industrializing countries. We see the world as one, and recognize a growing need to solve its problems by leveraging global intellectual capital and applying it sensibly to the local context.


Sustainable Design