Sushmita Ranjit

Sushmita is a Senior Associate Architect at Mathema+Partners. She has a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Institute of Engineering, Kathmandu. Sushmita has collected series of design and construction execution experience over her decade long career. Few of her countable and rewarding projects are design and implementation of cost-effective units for a mass housing project at Tokha, design and documentation of passive solar hostel design for a school at Kobang, Mustang, and a creative liaison between CG Hospitality and FTK Design + Development, South Africa for product development and artistic installation for a Taaj Safaris Lodge at Meghauli. She equally has keen interest in architectural journalism and has her publications on SPACES magazine. Her key role at Mathema+Partners is to setup a strong Public Relation (PR) and Outreach for exclusive visibility and benefit of the company.