Dipesh Shrestha

Dipesh Shrestha has a steering role of the Head of Projects at Mathema+Partners. He is a graduate with Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Institute of Engineering, Kathmandu. Dipesh carries a decade long experience of design and construction execution for various ranges of work from residential, restaurants to hospitals and mixed-used development, and has been recognized at national level competitions. Over the years, he has developed a strong project management and execution skills with eye to detailing. He has held leading positions in projects such as Porta De Capao, which has been featured in the world’s most visited architecture website ArchDaily.
Dipesh is also closely associated with NGOFORUM, a local NGO based in Kathmandu as advocate of Rainwater Harvesting System at community as well as house-hold level. He has implemented numerous Rainwater Harvesting projects, one of which has acclaimed domestic and international attention. He has implemented prototypical Reed Bed Treatment plant at Ilam Community Hospital which is the first in the country implemented by private sector outside the valley.