Ajaya Mathema

Ajaya Mathema is one of the founders of Mathema + Partners. He spearheads the overall operations, management and financials of the company. Ajaya received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Eastern Connecticut State University and Masters of Business Administration from Georgia State University. Before moving back to Kathmandu, Ajaya worked for several Fortune 500 companies in the US as Senior Financial Analyst. Subsequently, he served as Chief Administrative Officer at Blue Cross Hospital in Nepal.

Mathema + Partners uniquely benefits from Ajaya’s decade long, international experience in management and operations. His expertise is leveraged on a daily basis at the project level - where he works closely with technical teams to streamline project and client management efforts, sequencing of work processes and quality control mechanisms. At the company level, Ajaya continues to evolve Mathema + Partners as transparent enterprise that is efficient, attractive workplace, and has the strength of a big company to deliver complex projects with personalized services to every client.